I go by the name of Asabagna Alatentou, “Asa” for short. I took this name as my African/Spiritual name when I went on a pilgrimage to West Africa in 1997. I visited Senegal, The Gambia and Ghana. “Asabagna” means “hunter” and I received that name during a naming ceremony when I visited a village in northern Ghana. “Alatentou” is Mandingo for “God is gracious” and I received that name from a village Griot in Senegal.

I was born in England and my parents are of Jamaican heritage. I spent most of my formative years in Jamaica, but grew up primarily in Toronto Canada. I am professionally employed, married, no kids and regularly attend a Pentecostal church. I am a born-again Christian.

I do not consider myself conservative or liberal, right-wing or left-wing, centrist etc., or any of the multiple categories that society likes to confine and define people by. However, I do have strong views, beliefs and opinions but I also consider myself open to listening and contemplating other viewpoints. I am a firm believer that “if you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything” . Depending on the issue, I may be defined by one or more of those above categories… but the experiences of my existence transcends any one definition. If I am anything, I am a Christian with an Afrocentric perspective.