I’ve been tagged by both Aulelia and Angie to share 8 randoms facts about myself….

  1. I live in Ottawa, Ontario which is the capital of Canada.
  2. I am a Oakland Raiders fan(atic).
  3. I have 3 tatoos. On my right upper arm I have an “Anhk”; on my left upper arm, I have an Arabic script which translate to “Allah is gracious”; on my right neck I have a west African, Adinkrah symbol for the supremacy of God called “Gye Nyame”, which means “except for God”.
  4. My 3 favorite movies are Apocalypse Now, Braveheart and Scarface.
  5. My 3 favorite musical artists are Bob Marley, Femi Kuti and Prince. 
  6. My 3 favorite actors are Denzel, Robert Dinero and Johnny Depp.
  7. My 3 favorite blog pages are Charcoal InkNuvision for a Nuday and SmuloSpace
  8. Today is my birthday.

Now I am suppose to tag 8 people. hmmmm…. John Smulo, Field Negro, Tafari, Refined One, Ensayn, Ronald Albright, Shaheen and Darius T. Williams.