My sister in the cause Professor Zero read my previous post, Into the Heart of Darkness, and was moved to post further information on Vulture Funds  on her blog page.  Not only is she committed to raising awareness on this issue, but she also added a link to Oxfam, a charity, development and advocacy organization for the poor and oppressed. They have more information on their web site on Vulture Funds and the Zambian case in particular. Oxfam also has an email campaign directed at Michael Sheehan of Donegal International, telling him to do the right thing and not force Zambia to pay this outstanding debt.  Here’s the link. There is also this link to email Gordon Brown, Chair of the International Monetary Fund Finance Committee. Please take a pause for the cause, fill them out and send them off. It’s may be a little symbolic but it’s the least we can do from a place where we have so much.

Thanks. I appreciate it.