I had already planned my next blog topic when I was catching up on some of my blog reading and I saw that I had been tagged by Tafari aka Bygbaby. I am now required to reveal 5 facts about myself that are not known to the readership. Well I had to think real long and hard. My dilemma wasn’t finding the 5 things, it was deciding which 5 to reveal. You see first, I want to stay married…. plus if I ever decide to run for public office, I don’t want my “mess” out there for my rivals to throw at me during the televised debate! Or on “Nancy Grace” for that matter! LOL!!!! So after much deliberation here goes (sigh):


1. I haven’t completed my university degree as yet. At 20 yrs. old, I got kicked out of my mother’s house and she refused to sign the papers for me to get student assistance to continue my 3rd year. Although I returned years later part-time in an attempt to complete it, I got transferred to Windsor and the program was not offered at the university there. I did a few more courses through correspondence but to complete the program I had to be in Toronto. I am always being asked what I have my Masters in or how many degrees I have. People are somewhat surprised when I tell them that I have no degree. I tell them I am just opinionated and I have a BIG mouth! LOL!!! I will complete it someday.


2. In high school I had no game with the girls. NONE! I was P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!!! I didn’t go to my senior prom because I didn’t have the gonads to ask a girl to go with me. I was somewhat of a nerd in school, not athletic and certainly had no juice! I don’t think I had a girlfriend all through high school, BUT I did have “dungeons and dragons” buddies! LOL!!!!


3. I once passed out in the nastiest, filthiest and most disgusting bathroom in Toronto! A friend and I had gone to this 3rd rate strip joint one afternoon. This place was real dreadful and the women were coyote ugly and had more rolls than the Michelin Man! BUT this bar had one-dollar draft beers and that was the appeal for us back then. Anywayzzz I wasn’t much of a drinker then (and not now either) and I remember vaguely getting there at around noon. We started drinking and at around 6 pm after numerous drafts, I stumbled to the bathroom and puked my guts out! You know the kind of puking that when you have nothing left to spew out, you dry heave! Well I must of dry heaved for about a good hour and then I just laid on the smelly, sticky, dirty floor, hugging that filthy toilet like my life depended on it (it felt so cool though), and begged God to end my suffering. I passed out and at around 9-10pm, my friend came to get me. I remember he put me on the subway and I passed out again and woke up at my stop. I went to wait for the bus, and a dude came up to me and asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint with him. LOL!!!!


4. I trained for 2 years at a drama school (this was after my university stint) and worked as an actor for about 7 years. I did some low budget Canadian films (which means you will never ever see them… THANK GOD!) and a couple t.v shows, but my main forte’ was the theatre. I acted in quite a few productions in Toronto. I also traveled around the province a couple of times doing a children’s variety show, as well as a summer stock production of Hamlet where I played his cousin “Benvolio”.


5. I got stalked by this crazy woman for a couple months. It got so bad that I had to change my phone number and lay a complaint with the police to get her to leave me alone. It was not cool!

WHEW!!! That wasn’t too painful at all. Now I guess I gotta tag Bliss, On Purpose, Field Negro and Lubangakene aka thefreeslave.  

A Bientot!