Observing events around the world, particularly in North America, coupled with my own personal experiences, I have come to certain conclusions (actually, some are just re-affirmations) pertaining to those who are of African descent, as we make our way through this life. Events in Darfur and Chad; the increasing desperate emigration out of West Africa to Europe; the recent execution of an unarmed Black man by the New York City police and the shooting of his other two unarmed friends (over 50 shots y’all!!!!); the murder of a 88 year old grandmother by the Atlanta police and the subsequent attempt of a cover-up; the so-called “racist” rants by Michael Richards (he is now claiming to being “Jewish”, although he wasn’t born a Jew nor formally converted to the religion…. “so I guess that makes his outburst okay then!”); etc…. all give me “cause for a pause”. I have a Muslim friend who likes to assert that: “Brown is the new Black”…. REALLY!? I had to remind him that the “enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend” and guide him towards the reality of how Black Africans are treated by Muslims, particularly in Sudan and Mauritania. Genocide and chattel slavery is still the standard “order of the day” for most Black Africans in these societies. But I digress….. kind of….

Let’s be honest: the rants by Michael Richards is just “leakage” of what is being contained just below the surface. This leakage happens every so often, but were any one of “us’ really that surprised!? I am involved in facilitating a “Diversity Dialogue” initiative within the organization I work for. I have continually witnessed the underlying resentment and venom that my white co-workers have towards the “others” of “their” society. It leaks out in their every word, gesture and posture. This leakage has however resulted in more fatal consequences in New York and Atlanta. (By the way: the idea that an 88 year old grandmother needed to be “strapped” and had a policy of “shoot first and asking questions later” in an effort to protect herself and her property says a lot about the confidence that the she had in the police protecting her…. but then again she did “hit” 3 of them before they were able to take her out…. again I digress…. kind of….) This leakage has a subtler, but I would argue just as damaging an effect, when housing and employment opportunities are denied our people; when we are provided with substandard education and health care services; when we are denied well earned advancement in our work place; when our qualifications are questioned as the basis to prevent us from enjoying what others take for granted; as well as various and never-ending forms of systemic discrimination directed specifically towards “us”. .



AND we certainly don’t help ourselves by some of our decisions and actions. We refer to each other as “niggas”“coons”, “bitches”, “hoes”,“mack”, “pimp”, “M-F”, etc…. as terms of endearment and then fiercely debate and rationalize that “it’s okay” when questioned and/or admonished! We excuse the bad behaviour of our young, as well as our “best, brightest and strongest” and hold them to no sense of responsibility to their community! Actually we have come to the point where we expect none! We look upon those who pursue education and “speaking right” as “acting white” – as opposed to “being Black” by hustling to be ballers, rappers, baby daddies/mommies, pimps, music video dancers etc.      


It’s that simple. It’s all intertwined and synchronized. It all stems from the ideology of white supremacy…. AND most of us have bought into it. We are the first to point the finger to blame, yet at the same time, we are the most blameful (is that a word?). They say when you point a finger at someone, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you! So looking around my universe I have come to accept these points as facts based on simplicity, synchronicity and white supremacy:

  1. White people (whether on the “so-called” right or left) will NEVER give up their privilege. It’s the basis of their power…. losing it is the source of their nightmares.
  2. Black people, particularly Black men, are an endangered species.
  3. Nowhere in the world, where white and Black people co-exist, will there be “racial” harmony.
  4. Kanye got it half right. George Bush doesn’t care about Black people, but most Black people don’t care about Black people either.
  5. We oppress ourselves mentally and intellectually more effectually, than the white man even attempts to do.
  6. We need to understand this for our survival: “the enemy of our enemy is NOT necessarily our friend”. We need to be more discriminating with whom we align ourselves with. There are many special interests groups who historically and presently use “us” as fodder in their war to gain more PRIVILEGE for themselves. Once they succeed and have also taken the “crumbs” that we were surviving on, they move on and we are left alone, broken, dazed and confused, wondering, “what the hell happened?”
  7. Truthfully but regrettably, the historian Dr. Chancellor Williams said it best in his masterpiece, “The Destruction of Black Civilization”: “The necessary re-education of Blacks and a possible solution of the racial crisis can begin, strangely enough, only when Blacks fully realize this central fact in there lives: The white man is their bitter enemy. For this is not the ranting of wild-eyed militancy, but the calm and unmistakable verdict of several thousand years of documented history.”
  8. History is continually repeating itself. 

Keep hope alive! I’m trying…. but it’s gettin harder!   


A Bientot!