My man thefreeslave hit me up recently and gave me some love (see post “NIGGER!”). I got mad love for this brother! He is probably the most passionate and direct person I have ever come in contact with through blogging in the afrosphere. He welcomed me back from my hiatus with: “Nice to see you… “Black in the game.” I thought “WOW.… solid!” I hope to see him “Black in the game” very soon also, as he is on hiatus too. The afrosphere needs your voice Lubangakene! We miss you brother. However, until the time is right for your return: “Walk Good!”

Anywayzzzz…. I am excited about my new page here at wordpress and getting “Black in the game” of blogging. So much has gone since I last seriously blogged. I got married, moved to a new city, bought a new house, started a new job and I am learning a new language: french. Although I took time away from blogging to focus on getting my “game tight and sh*t correct”, I have been monitoring world events and have strong opinions on some of them, which I will quickly chime in on (in no specific order of importance): 

  1. Muslims really need to “back up and chill out!” The Pope wasn’t critisizing and/or disrespecting you or your religion. By the way, self-criticism and analysis of your beliefs and values, as well as outside criticism and analysis is healthy… as long as it is constructive and respectful. Where is your outrage against those who do discredit your religion by their actions in Darfur, Iraq, Lebanon? Where is your outrage against those who do discredit your religon by advocating indiscriminately killing civilians, by cutting the heads off individuals and posting it on the internet, by the kidnapping and/or killing of nuns and other aid workers in Islamic countries, by sentencing rape victims to whippings, by assassinating political/religious rivals, etc., etc., etc??? 
  2. There is no such thing as an “appropriate response” when it comes to war… if you poke a pitbull with a stick, it will likely rip your hand off! re: Israeli response to Hezzballah-Hamas attacks.
  3. Shiites and Sunnis commiting atrocities against each other in Iraq, give Islam and humankind a bad name. 
  4. There were more significant events in the world than the U.S. mid-term elections. As Ice-T stated: “If voting could change anything, the government would outlaw it!”
  5. Senator Barak Obama is inspirational. “Run Barak, Run”
  6. Message to David Kuo: “There is none so blind, as he who will not see.”
  7. “Panem et Circenses”: Dancing with the Stars, the “Survivor” series, Brittany Spears and K-Fed, TomKat, U.S. mid-term elections.
  8. The institution of marriage is a holy union meant to be between a man and a woman. Period.
  9. Message to Ted Haggert: “Jesus Loves You!”
  10. The Third Geneva Convention “relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War” does NOT apply to captured terrorists and enemy combatants. However, this does NOT permit torture, brutality or inhumane treatment. Let’s be clear though: there are ONLY 2 ways to respond to those involved in terrorism: LOCK THEM AWAY FOR LIFE OR ELIMINATE THEM WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE.
  11. Mel Gibson and Michael Richards are racists!
  12. While peole kill each other over Playstation 3, the events in Darfur continue to break my heart. re: more “panem et circences”.
  13. Just because everyobe else may be doing it, doesn’t mean it’s okay to engage in illegal, unethical and/or prohibited behaviour. re: steroids use among professional (and amateur) atheletes; smoking weed; Black people using the “n” word. 
  14. Word for the century: Responsibility.

Let us keep our minds clear and our hearts pure and not get distracted by the “panem et circenses” which are fed to us daily by the politicians and media. This Latin term, which literally means “bread and circuses”, was used by a 1st century Roman poet to describe the practice of Roman Emperors, who gave low-cost, low-quality, but highly available food and entertainment as a means of pacifying their citizens and distracting their thoughts from more substantial, moral and ethical issues. In my opinion this term unfortunately, but adequately describes the underlying dynamics of our society today. 

A Bientot!