20 June 2006

I enjoy writing. I also enjoy reading other people’s blogs. Sometimes I have an abundance of ideas of what I want to write about. Thoughts, ideas and feelings that I am bursting to share. However, lately it has taken me a while to come up with something of interest to impart. Lots of contemplating. Lots of reassessing. I have been spending time reading the select few bloggers that I find interesting. Their topics are varied. Their backgrounds diverse. Their styles of expression are very individual. Their opinions, beliefs, values and viewpoints are distinct. Some I agree with. Some I don’t. But that’s not the point. What matters most is that they are all committed to what they believe. The passion in their words captivates my attention. Yet as they write…. and comment…. and rebut…. they grow. I experience the process of their metamorphosis as they spur my own transmutation. I am an information junkie. It’s like an addiction. An obsession. So I spend a lot of my time surfing through various blog, news, political, cultural and religious sites. I watch news programs and documentaries. I read journals, magazines, books, the Bible. I attend church regularly, engage others in discussions, debates and share ideas on a wide variety of subjects. I am on a continuous quest to take a sip from that “Holy Grail” of information, knowledge and wisdom. Yes…. I am a nerd! lol. Sometimes I feel that I have squandered lots of valuable time on this journey…. until I discover and taste that rare nectar which briefly quenches the thirst…. that causes me to go “hmmmmm”…. then “awwww”…. that stirs the spirit within me and I get enthused to create…. to write….

I find that writing is like playing the piano. I get an inspiration, a vibe wells up within me, I hit the keys and begin to compose the notes…. sounds…. melodies…. arrangements…. songs…. in an effort to transform the voices of my being into life.  It’s a painstaking process. I edit. I revise. I delete. I mix and match. I grasp and struggle to find my rhythm. Once I am done…. I am exhausted…. I am never satisfied…. yet there is an indescribable joy as I look upon my new birth. I reluctantly share my various opuses with the world…. but they are not listened to by the ear…. they are welcomed through the portals of the eyes and entertained by the mind of the recipient…. and subsequently translated by the tones and rhythms of their own virtues, beliefs, values, experiences and emotions. I play and I wonder if others are moved by my creative endeavours. Not that I am writing to gain the approval of the audience…. but if you are creative…. you want your creations to be enjoyed, dare I even say, “appreciated”.  I received an email from a Jewish gentleman the other day inviting me to the “2006 Progressive Faith Bloggers Conference” in New Jersey. He stated that he enjoyed reading my blogs and felt that I would gain much from the conference. I was surprised and honoured. So I am encouraged to continue searching…. playing…. developing…. creating…. growing…. changing…. Striking the keys to unearth and discover my own unique style and rhythm, so as to continue expressing the jazzy melodies of my mind.